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2015 2016 2017 282233 11000sec f10 11000sec f8 11600sec f5.6 12000sec f5.6 12500sec f5.6 13200sec f5.6 1500sec f5.6 1600sec f8 160sec f5 1640sec f4 1800sec f4 2000sec f4 200500mm 3200sec f4 a black back a slatygrey plumage. shot using nikon d700500mm1.4tc in dubai a white halfcollar a white rump abu abu dhabi abu dhabi. africa africa and parts of asia. it has a mainly coastal distribution occurs in two plumage forms ain ajman ship wreck ajman ship wreck in 2013 al al ain al ain hill top al ain zoo portraits al aqqa beach al aqqa beach fujeirah al jaddaf al majaz water front al mamzar al maqtum bridge al marmoom camel race track al noor mosque al rams also known as the common egret and a black tail and southern eastern asia. scientific nameardea purpurea higher classificationardea angle april 14 april 16 at ras al khaimah at ras al khor bee bee eater belted kingfisher betty sutherlands park and trail bike billed bird photography bird photography by vimal nathan viswanathan bird photography by vimalnathan viswanathan bird photography in uae birds birds in uae birds of dubai birds of toronto birds of united arab emirates black black and white landscape photography breeding in africa buggy racing in dubai bulbul burh khalifa burj khalifa reflection by by vimal nathan camel camels canada captured using nikon d700 central and southern europe cityscape cityscapes common grackle composite technique cormorant corniche cross crowned cubs d700 deira fish market dubai dhabi dirt dmx race dubai september 2012 dubai dubai breaks guinness world record with largest fireworks display dubai chamber of commerce dubai corniche dubai dhow building dubai festival city dubai festival ity dubai heritage village dubai photographed by vimal nathan viswanathan dubai pivot feilds dubai shopping festival 2013 dubai silicon oasis dubai through my eyes dubai uae dubai. eared eater eclipse edit egret eid al fithr 2012 euroasian exposure bias 0.3 step exposure time 1125sec exposure time 1320sec exposure time 1400sec f10 f11 f4 vr 1.4tc f5.6 f6.3 f8 farms fireworks fisheating bird of prey. shot using nikon d700nikon 500mm1.4tc fishing fishing village flag flamingos flight from burj khalifa fujeirah new mosque ganesh nethaji ghost city ghost city at ras al khaimah ghost town ghost town at ras al khaimah gnatcatcher godwit grand great great egret the grey catbird gull handheld harrier haunted city hdr heron high park hoopee horse photography by vimalnathan host city humber bay park images taken using nikon d700 in is a diurnal is a large is a mediumsized heron found in southern europe iso 800 iso100 iso1600 iso250 iso360 iso400 iso560 iso800 iso900 jackdaw jbr jebel ali july 02 july 10 jumeira beach residence jumeirah beach residence jumeirah ope beach k.s.mukund kenya khaimah khor kalba kushti at deira dubai landscape landscape photography large egret or great white heron lark light painting dancing location dubai al maqtum bridge mallaika marmam masaai mara may 9 mayna migrant birds of dubai model mosque motor mute nathan nbd night niko d700 nikon nikon 500mm nikon 500mm 1.4 nikon 500mm 1.4tx nikon 500mm f4 1.4tc nikon 500mm f4 vr 1.4tc nikon 500mm f4 vr with 1.4 tc nikon 500mm1.4tc nikon 50mm nikon d40 nikon d700 nikon d7200 not on monopod ontario or fish hawk owl panaroma photo captured with broken nikon d700 photographed by vimal nathan viswanathan photographed by vimal nathan viswanathan using nikon d700 photography photography by photography by vimal photography by vimal nathan photography by vimal nathan viswanathan photography by vimalnathan photography by vimalnathan viswanathan photography vimalnathan photography. photos taken using nikon d700 plover plumage portrait portraits purple purple heron not to be confused with the reddish egret. is a wading bird in family ardeidae quad bike racing race race day 1 ras ras al khaimah ras al khor ring ringed river hawk rolls royce by vimalnathan viswanathan sea hawk seef corniche september 20 september 22 september 23 sharjah buhaira corniche sharjah corniche sharjah light festival sheikh zayed road sheikh zayed road reflection shot in uae using nikon d7200500mm shot using nikon d700 shot using nikon d7200 shot using nikon d7200 500mm so sometimes known as the fish eagle somewhere in the middle of desert. sparrow sports photography. standard chartered bank marathon in dubai 25 january 2013 star star trail step street photography striated sunbird sunrise at al aqqa beach fujeirah sunrise at dubai sunrise at khor kalba sunrise haven swallow swan tailed tamron tamron 200500mm tamron 220500mm tamron 70200 vc usd. tamron 70200mm vc usd tanoura dancing the african stonechat or common saxicola torquatus is a species of old world flycatcher family the green beeeater merops orientalis sometimes little is a near passerine bird in family. it resident but prone to seasonal movements and found widely distributed across subsaharan africa from senegal gambia ethiopia the king cheeyah the males have a black head the nile valley the osprey pandion haliaetus the red island the western reef heron egretta gularis also called egret the wings are black with a large white patch on top side of inner wing. upper breast is usually dark orangered thin scrub and forest often quite far from water. several regional plumage variations are known subspecies have been named. tokin 1735mm tokin 1735mm. tokina 1735mm tokina 1735mm. toronto towards track trail tree uae uae national day uae. umm al quwain united arab emirates urban urban fishing using using nikon d700 using nikon d700 and tamron 200500mm using nikon d700 and tamron 70200mm vc usd using nikon d700nikon 500mm 1.4tc view of from trade center roundabout view of sunset from jbr vim0241 vim0242 vim0310 vim0426 vim0466 vim0474 vim0478 vim0562 vim4482 vim4484 vim4493 vim4626 vim4627 vim4643 vim4668 vim5156 vim5163 vim6521 vim8980 vim9074 vimal vimal nathan vimal nathan photography vimal nathan viswanathan vimal nathan viswanathan photography vimal nathan viswanathan photography. vimalnathan vimalnathan bird photography vimalnathan photography vimalnathan viswanathan vimalnathan viswanathan photography viswanathan wb auto and matrix metering western arabia and asia through india to vietnam.2 they are mainly insect eaters found in grassland white white cheeked bulbul wide widely distributed egret. across most of the tropical and warmer temperate regions world.scientific nameardea alba wingspan1.3 1.7m adult mass1kg length80 100cm higher classificationardea with a sharp or gradual transition to white pale orange on the lower breast and belly. shot using nikon d700nikon 500mm1.4tc in united arab emirates with avs kumar. wrestling yas island yas island leisure drive yellow rumped warbler zayed mosque zoo